Helping People Build Confidence, Compassion and Connection


All people struggle at some point in their lives.  Each of us has difficulty managing, especially when life throws us a curve ball – like a diagnosis of chronic illness, failure in school or work, a relationship that blows up or the death of a loved one.  Times like these can leave us feeling lost and alone.  We may even have thoughts like “I’m a failure” or “I will never get over this”. 


I understand.   And I want you to know that I can help.  I can help you feel better, find your joy and live the healthiest life possible.  That is my wish for you, and my passion – that you will celebrate your own beauty and make positive choices allowing you to live the best life possible!


I want you to know that you can re-gain control of your life!


You can feel energized instead of exhausted; you can make sound, intelligent decisions without being overwhelmed; you can manage strong emotions without acting on them in unhealthy ways.  All of this is possible – and you may need support if you have reached a point where you can see few, if any answers and the future looks cloudy.

I am ready to listen, supporting you through important changes and real obstacles.  Why don't you call me today?  Let's get you get back on track so you can feel good about your life!

* Special Announcement January 1, 2019 we will be located at   2702 Brambleton Ave, SW.     Roanoke, VA. 24015 



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