January is too early for new years resolutions and here’s why

Early January is the customary time for setting goals, creating intentions and launching new activities and behaviors intended to give our new year a healthy boost.  What if, however, we consider that winter has just begun.  And winter is the time for reflection, rest, renewal and conserving energy.  I propose this is the perfect time to reflect on 2014, noticing what worked well and what needs tweaking allowing these observations to simmer within us before jumping ahead into 2015. Why not use this time to rest,?  What if we cultivate the art of dreaming,  journaling, and gentle motion to inform and direct our intentions?  I invite you to consider that while initiating new endeavors is to be applauded, allowing adequate time and planful attention could be the secret to greater success -just a little farther down the road.

*Thank you dearest Lizbeth for offering inspiration for this post!




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