What to do on that “down” day

Everyone is familiar with that day when you just don’t feel right. You may feel sad, depressed, fatigued or just plain yucky. When this day dawns, it is important to check in with yourself. Are you asking too much of yourself? Are you overwhelmed with too much to do? Are you having difficulty finishing an important task and have lost the steam to get it done? There are many reasons why you may be stuck and not know where to turn. The first order of business is to ask yourself a few questions: (I love questions for helping with the stuck places!)
What can I do right now to make what I am doing more enjoyable?
What step can I take right now to move myself just a tad bit closer to finishing?
What is the thing I need most right now?
Do I need comfort, nourishment, rest, support or play that I am not allowing myself to have?
What one thing could shift my energy to a better place?
Can I acknowledge that I am OK even though this day feels yucky?

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